Document Organisation

“To love rightly is to love what is orderly and beautiful in an educated and disciplined way.” Plato

It’s fair to say that in the past my document organisation has been a little… lacking. Everything virtually just got shoved into a Writing folder. Some documents had their own folder based on whim or related-file count, some had their own folder based on genre. It was all a bit higgledy-piggledy.

If I am going to be writing copiously, as is my intention, then I really need to organise myself better.

I have done it with a deep folder-structure inside the Writing folder.

  • Level 1 of the folder structure is based on the status of the writing piece: Incomplete, Completed and Published (an aspirational folder!)
  • Level 2 is based on the genre. In each of the 3 folders I have a folder for all of the genres I have (or intend to) write in, based on my summation of genres.
  • Level 3 is based on the length of the writing piece, based on these rough Wikipedia values.
    genre length
  • Finally, the level 4 folder will be the title of the writing piece.

2 thoughts on “Document Organisation

  1. Wow Ben! When are you going to have time to write with all that organizing? 😉
    I just keep folders with the name of the book (or other work in progress), and anything having to do with that book goes into that folder. Now I’m going to go analyze them and see if I need to add levels but I know myself, and I would use that exercise as yet another writing delay… like right now when I’m reading your blog when I should be writing. 🙂


  2. That would work fine if all you were doing was writing a few stories (the number being small), but if I am going to be writing numerous novelleas and short stories that could get out of control quite quickly; especially with (highly descriptive) titles like “The Captive” and “Alone”.

    But yes, it could be construed as a procrastination danger.

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