World-Building: Environment

I’ve added a new sub-page to the World-Building section called Environment. The purpose of the World-Building section is to give tidbits of information which will get the writerly juices flowing in the future. Do you have anything you can contribute?

This is what it contains so far.

The environment fosters the Civilisation

From Ancient Rome: The Republic:

Let’s make a deal. Rome was initially founded on a single hill and then gradually expanded with each settlement acting independently; this gave the Romans early experience in the making of laws, treaties and negotiation.

Parla inglese? Rome was situated in the centre of three great racial divisions which taught them to deal with other nations. One they used extensively and with great skill in political machinations; their political dealings were truly deft.

Location, location, location. And I quote,

“…the barrenness of the soil and the unhealthiness of the surrounding country both served to protect and foster the growth of the young state. Here were none of the perilous attractions which drew horde after horde of invaders to the neighbouring land of Campania… On the other hand, the poverty of their own fields would stimulate the energies of a warlike people and guide them into a path of aggression and conquest. Nor must we overlook the situation of Rome on a navigable river, at some distance from its mouth, which gave the city at once the advantages of an inland and a maritime position. … It placed Rome beyond the reach of sudden raids from the Tuscan pirates; it made intercourse with foreign states easy, thus bringing her into more contact with developed forms of civilisation and preserving her from the stagnation  into which a more isolated power such as Sparta is liable to fall; and at the same time it kept her free from those corrupting influences which are the curse of great maritime cities.” (page 30).

Got thoughts?

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