Building to a Crescendo

The house wife who kills to protect her children; the assassin who allows a witness to live out of compassion; the general who sends good men to die in a necessary but futile holding-defense…

All are examples of a character being pushed toward an action they would not choose to do. In Vengeance Will Come I’m pushing one of my characters against their will. Or rather, hopefully it will appear to the reader that external events and internal emotions are pushing my character… (not me as the author)

I wrote a scene on the weekend and now I realise I have the tempo wrong. A dramatic event occurs which alters the relationship between two characters. I then had them resolve the issue with the intention of building toward another blow-out. However at this stage of the story (roughly 90% complete) I want to be working towards the crescendo and I don’t have time for another ‘build up’. Instead I need to continue building the emotions to exert more pressure on the character so they naturally fall into the necessities of the plot.

Had I taken fifteen minutes to think through the scene I might have realized this earlier; instead I attacked my keyboard with a fury and consequently my scene is now hitting the wrong notes. Lesson (hopefully) learned.

Got thoughts?

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