Writing ‘Conviction’

This is a short story I have been wanting to write for a few months but have been prevented from doing it because of attempts to complete Vengeance Will Come.

I need a little break from that personal tome so today I begin the preparations for Conviction. I thought it might be interesting to share the writing of this story together in a series of blog posts. Note a huge spoiler warning that if you read these blog posts, you will be getting countless spoilers to the final story.

Conviction: a firmly held belief or opinion.

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Where did the idea for Conviction come from?

The inspiration of Conviction comes the news headlines over the last few months: I wanted to write about the Islamic State (IS) and the persecution of the populations in the areas they control. Finally I want to juxtapose that against the Western church as a challenge.

As an author, putting my own viewpoints across – be they political or religious – is a potentially dangerous thing. Conventional wisdom would say not to do it under the guise that the reader doesn’t want to be “preached at”, or that I might be alienating a large body of readers.

I understand this response, and I too feel resistant when I read something which I don’t agree with. But do you know what – I don’t often read something I disagree with. Sure, I may start something but if I don’t like the way it is pushing, I just stop reading. And the reader is always free to do that too.

I hope that if I am upfront about the purpose of the writing, then the reader can make an informed decision, and respect that I gave them that information in advance.

I want to write this story because I feel that we are so isolated, and paradoxically also desensitized to the ongoing suffering. I also feel that those Christians enduring the persecution have much that they can teach to the Western church, which understands so little of standing up for their faith under persecution.

Writing Goal

Normally I like to try choose a writing goal for a short story, i.e. something that I particularly want to practice in my writing. For example in The Captive I wanted to experiment with a “gotcha” or surprise to the reader. And in the subsequent short story Alone I paralleled The Captive from another viewpoint, while still revealing more storyline from an alternate perspective.

My goal for this is to follow the writing process through diligently. I could easily bang out a few thousand words on my keyboard right now and get a reasonably decent story, but that’s not what I want to do. I want to spend some time researching and outlining so that the end result will be better.

Next up in the Conviction journey: Setting

Got thoughts?

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