Another Darling

While I was writing the first draft of Vengeance Will Come I cut this darling out from among the herd. Personally I liked the prose and it was a nice way to introduce two of the main characters. However as I wrote in an earlier blog post having these “side notes” can pull the reader out of immersion and one could argue that they are an information dump.

(Note this was cut early in the process so it might be a bit rough)

Whether it was the product of mere chance, or some form of divine intervention cannot be answered definitively. One thing is for sure- when the young Regent-Successor Danyel Abudra III’s vehicle suffered mechanical failure in the outer reaches of the region, his life changed forever. For there he called upon the gentle hospitalities of simple country folk, who without knowing his personage, hosted the Regent-Successor for some hours. They offered free-will hospitality while he awaited the coming of the mechanics to attend to his hovercraft. It was at their humble table, without his title or prestige that he met the Lady Jessica, who was at that time a country girl – more accustomed to falling asleep in the hay than the idea of grand balls and region banquets.

From the first, Regent-Successor Danyel admits to being exceedingly intrigued by the Lady Jessica – drawn to her radiant beauty, her warm laugh, and her down-to-earth view of the universe. She, likewise, recalls this charming, handsome young man who had a foundation of integrity and a great strength of character.

The accidental imposing on the household would grow to become a frequent intentional occurrence until after two and a half cycles of courting, the then Regent Danyel Abudra III took the Lady Jessica to be his wife, to the great jubilation of the entire region.

Some would say that in such, a miraculous favour had rested on the humble household on that day, whom have naturally prospered from the union. Danyel Abudra III rather says that he was the recipient of some uncanny, unearned, favour that day which lead to his meeting of the Lady Jessica.
From the “Official History of the Abudra Genealogy”
by Dr. Zack Ghermeaz

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