The Rebel Queen begins her journey

In an earlier blog post, The Story Surgeon, I described cutting a sub-plot out of my novel Vengeance Will Come (Galactic Darkness series, book 1), in order to tighten up the novel and to be able to give the subplot the room and nourishment it needs to grow.

Today I begin that work by starting the planning for The Rebel Queen.

There are rumours of a rebel faction hiding somewhere within the Deckarian colony. Such a presence threatens the unity of the colony and the Queen’s own ruling interest. The rebels must be swiftly crushed to remove all thoughts of a new Queen…

The rebel is young, inexperienced and has radical and controversial plans for the colony. She wants minimal bloodshed in the transition, but will her idealism prove fatal?

An unexpected human provocation will be the catalyst that puts the opposing forces onto a collision course. They will both learn that victory isn’t always what you expect.

My intention is that The Rebel Queen is like a bonus-filler novella in the Galactic Darkness series. The Rebel Queen runs largely in parallel with the events of book 1 and 2. Below you can see how each story will fit into the overall timeline (note not all stories are the same length of time).

TimelinesIn other news: Vengeance Will Come is currently with the trial readers… 🙂


Got thoughts?

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