World-Building a new Species

For The Rebel Queen I must do some world-building of the Deckarian species.

Firstly, I need to be aware of what constraints I have put on myself through Vengeance Will Come. (In which Deckarians feature).

Secondly, I need to design how the Deckarians are as a species and how their civilisation functions.

I have admitted before that I can have world builder’s disease (excessive world building), but actually completing a story has given me impetus to keep completing stories.

To focus my work I’ve written a few dot-points of subjects that I want my world-building to cover.

  • Terminology (how do they refer to themselves)
  • Religion
  • Economy and concepts of ownership
  • Government structures
  • Technology
  • Key Industries
  • Relationships and Social Roles
  • Biology (from life to death)
  • Living conditions (see also Society in Planning: Setting)
  • Education standards
  • Individual Aspirations and self-determination
  • Military doctrine (defence, offence)

Taking this list, I then further define it with a series of sub-points, For example Religion becomes:


  • What is the belief structure gods, priests?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • How does it impact on society?
  • How does it impact on personal or family life?
  • What are the major observances?
  • What’s the view of non-believers?
  • Eternal life?
  • How does one become a follower? Can one become an apostate?
  • How strongly is it adhered to?

Even though that may look like a lot, I only plan on writing anywhere from a sentence to two paragraphs on each.


Got thoughts?

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