Life: the shortest of stories

Recently a relative of a friend died; without warning at little more than middle age.

Whilst we are still young we feel like we have so much time. Time feels almost infinite. We think a year or two ahead at most but consider that we have decades. Even as the years speed up to wasn’t-it-Christmas-last-month? the span of a decade still seems so large.

But the truth is that life is finite. And the length of it is not guaranteed.

We get slightly more choice about the length of our life than we do about the start of it. That is to say, not much. We can try and increase the length of our life through ‘healthy living’, but that is still no guarantee. Even super-fit people die in car accidents or other tragedies well before their time.

And so with time being limited, with each hour only coming once and irretrievably gone afterward, how will I spend my life?

This is a question which I have been considering a lot lately.


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