A needed revision

Please excuse some obtuseness to prevent spoilers…

Vengeance Will Come has a very graphic scene of violence. If I was being more truthful I’d say the scene crosses from violence to horror.

The scene was originally written because it provided the final hammer-blow which break one of the characters and sends them to a very dark place. The scene was designed to decimate.

 The scene was so horrific that one early reviewer responded with “eeww gross”. At the time I wasn’t sure if such a response was a good thing or a bad thing. I wanted shock factor, but I didn’t want to push the reader to complete revulsion (which I probably did, in hindsight).

However, that was in the first draft of the story and the ending has subsequently been radically changed. The character no longer needs to be crushed thinner than a grape in a vice. It’s no longer necessary; and so I can improve the story by revising the scene.

Got thoughts?

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