Email Sidekicks

I don’t know about you, but I find maintaining writing discipline and motivation can be hard at times. In the last month I’ve found it unusually difficult; I keep getting distrac….

To combat this I am forming a small online writing group. I’m looking for another 3 to 5 writers who would like to be involved in being an email sidekick to one another. Batman had Robin, The Arrow has John Diggle and we could have each other…


What’s involved?

This is me spit-balling, it’s all up for negotiation…

Each week month on a rotational basis one writer from the group sends out an email. It could be asking for feedback on a small segment of writing, discussing a plot element, generating a conversation around an element of writing or being a writer or just general encouragement.

Every other member commits to reply (all) to that email within the week month AND provide an update on how there writing is currently going.

So basically it’s email correspondence with the intent to get the juices flowing, workshop through ideas and encourage one another.

All emailed content will be considered confidential and stored behind an impenetrable cone of silence.

Is it you?

I’m looking for like-minded individuals to participate who will commit to getting the emails out regularly.

Please note that a good portion of my writing will be faith-based, so if that would offend you, no need to apply. (You don’t have to be of a certain faith, just as long as you won’t be offended…). I’m also not interested in reading much horror.

If you’re interested in this please add a comment or email me with the following details:

  • A short paragraph describing yourself (approx. age, stage of life…)
  • Your experience to-date writing
  • The genres you write in

Got thoughts?

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