Vengeance Will Come: A Teaser

I have a post planned, but in order for that post to make sense I have to share a teaser for my first novel Vengeance Will Come (book 1 of the Galactic Darkness series).

This text sits at the front of the novel, before the start of the story. Some may define it a prologue; I prefer to think of it as the hors d’oeuvres before the meal.

I hope that you enjoy it and that it whets your appetite.


Prophetic Words

“I wish that I did not know the future; that I could not see the prophecies unfold before me. At first light they invade my mind, holding it under siege until dulled by utter exhaustion which overwhelms. Even in the fitful sleep I get they haunt me as wild animals stalking the scent of blood, pursuing me into my dreams; turning what little rest I get into an extension of my waking nightmare. There is no escape from them.

As a mad man I have been driven away from my hometown, run off by my own kinsmen. My family have long ago disowned me, my mother swearing she never birthed a son! Once I was counted among the clergy, now they proclaim me a heretic beyond redemption. The so-called wise of this time herald that I blaspheme and lie, and yet they themselves confirm what I say. I wander aimlessly between towns – chased from each in turn, spat upon and beaten as a rabid dog. How they fail to see the irony! I laugh at them as they beat me. Mad am I?

‘Keep quiet’ said those who once treated me as friend. They knew not the blinding horrors that passed before my unseen eye; unending torture, unrelenting nightmares. If they saw just a fraction their stomachs would turn and they would be unable to purge the insanity growing within. Wave upon wave the horrors immerse me, dragging me deeper into the abyss.

Though I loath to memorialise in word that which has destroyed my life, writing down the prophecies is the only way to lift the burden. Once written they pass from my mind, leaving only an essence of their terrible knowledge, like the after-taste of vomit.

A mad man they call me – and yes, I am indeed mad. Once I was sane and of sound mind, but have been ruined by experiences that are not my own, from a time not my own. A thousand lives I have lived and a thousand deaths I have died. I want but only the one; that which I was born into, and the loving family that I then had, those many years ago!

So what do I see in these maddening prophecies of mine? Have you not listened to all I have proclaimed? Must I repeat again, that which is plain and visible before you all? The mighty black storm clouds gather; infinite shadows from which there is no dawn.

Heed well my prophecies, or pay them no mind – it matters not to the future, it will come whether or not you extend welcome.”

Fragment of a journal unearthed by archaeologist Dr Roma Cooper, author unknown.


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