Writing Update: The Rebel Queen and Vengeance Will Come

I’m about three chapters away from finishing the first draft of my novelette The Rebel Queen. The end is in sight, but I need a break from it for a day or two because I’m starting to go stir crazy. The story is longer than originally intended (about 50,000 words) and has taken much longer than I thought it would to complete. It is the alpha draft and I know there are aspects of the story development that I am unhappy with. (At least I’ve been more disciplined and have continued on to try and finish it, not go back and endlessly re-write).

I can’t yet gauge if it is a diamond in the rough or nothing more than an “average” story. On one of the writing excuses podcasts they talk about how you will have more ideas than you have time to write, but that part of being a successful writer is being able to pick the quality ideas from among the chaff. I don’t think I’ve mastered selecting the best target yet.

My experience to-date is that I am not good at switching quickly between writing and editing. Writing is the creative process, where I am largely just brain-dumping – feeling the story and going with it. Editing is more structured, more critical and often at arms-length from the creative. After a good stint of editing, it takes me a chunk of time to stop looking at a piece of work like an editor.

Today I will start what I intend on being my final revision of Vengeance Will Come; at least before some form of publication. I am really going to be working on tightening up the prose and incorporating the feedback from my dear alpha readers.

Got thoughts?

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