Get Going!

I am not going to dwell on the lack of my own achievements or progress toward goals. Not today, anyway.

I am going to say that I am inspired by fellow blogger and aspiring-to-be-full-time author Ana Spoke. Ana is taking 5 months off from regular work to try and complete novels two and three of her Shizzle Inc. series. Her intention is not just to produce the novels but also for it to be a dry-run for the successful author lifestyle.

She plans to write 20,000 words a week; a number which is impressively large and dwarfs my current output.

One thing I like about Ana’s blog is that she clearly loves data, numbers, facts and figures. She doesn’t do assumptions; she does calculations. For a while I was tracking my output for my first novel Vengeance Will Come but I haven’t done the same tracking recently.

Vengeance Will Come - Word Count

She has inspired me to track my own word count per more closely, and try to elevate my output.

Got thoughts?

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