It is the sound of layered feelings and emotions: tiredness tinged with joy, covered by a sad but inevitable postponement.

Let me paint the scene:

Ugh: It was the last night before a return to work after a long and relaxing holiday.

I had good intentions of getting my body clock back into work-sync; early to rise and early to bed. They were however just intentions, and de-railed by binge watching of seasons 1 & 2 of the great* scifi show “The 100”. (*I would call the show excellent if it weren’t for a few issues, detailed below).

So instead of getting to bed at an early but regular 2130 it had been closer to 2300 for the previous week. Rising had been anywhere from 0645 to 0830, a far cry from the required 0445 that was rapidly approaching reality.

Hoo. (As in, woo-hoo) I was in bed at 2200, still fairly awake when the beautiful Mrs Ezard returned home.

“A surprise,” she said, “I have for you.” One of my trusted and respected beta readers had returned hald of Vengeance Will Come, my first novel.

“And it is filled with tonnes of comments.” She annotated.

I remained in bed for all of about 13 seconds before announcing, “I’ll just have a quick look.” and sprung up with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morn.

True to my word I only skimmed for about 15 minutes. In this I showed epic restraint. I tried to get a decent night’s sleep but the die had already been cast. Many of you will understand how excitement kept me awake, and woke me early (0330).

Doh. And let’s not forget that while it waits for me at home I must now go and spend the day at work, not-writing. Which I believe adequately explains the title ugh-hoo-doh.

‘The 100’: Just Great, not Excellent

  • I’m all for a bit of character evolution, after all, your character’s should have arcs. I love a well done transition from good guy to bad guy. But I can’t stress enough these things should happen over time. Evolution takes time, a lot of time – not within the space of a single episode.There are far too-many character’s having too-quick changes for my liking: reckless to responsible, responsible to reckless; pacifist to psycho, psycho to pacifist; patient to rash, rash to patient. It’s the characters are playing musical-mood-chairs.
  • It has touches of Lost (which I hated) where they need something new, and they put it in without foreshadowing (e.g. giant ape). Foreshadowing is important… otherwise it comes off looking like a tacky plot element.
  • In the same mindset: there’s a girl-on-girl kiss that reeks of popularism (“everybody’s doing it in TV so we should too”). There is absolutely no foreshadowing that it was ever on the cards. Not to mention the character is kissing-back the woman who just killed her boyfriend an episode or two ago…
  • Also, I don’t think a main character has died since S01E03, which is unrealistic considering the challenges they’ve faced. Yes, it’s scifi but don’t over abuse my willingness to dial-down my disbelief.



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