Updates: Writing & Writing Tools

Writing Tools: On this site I provided a Microsoft Word macro that I use to quick save documents (automatically date stamp and archiving the old copy). I have made some slight updates to the macro so that it works in Office 2013 (and now also 2017).

Writing: After a false start, revision will now begin on my first novel Vengeance Will Come. There are some significant issues to fix up, not the least is communicating successfully to the reader the intended passage of time. This is made complex because the events occur on multiple non-Earth planets and sometimes scenes last for very short periods during the climax events. More on this later…

The Rebel Queen. Response from my earliest beta reader has been positive. It is intended as a stand-alone book, but is in the same universe with ties to Vengeance Will Come. Revision will probably be queued until after Vengeance Will Come is completed.

There are so many other things I want to write and yet I must be disciplined and finish the existing projects. There might have to be a bit of a juggling act for sanity’s sake though.

Blog Post: I’ve re-released my bio for the early years.


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