Above Average

So many averages. Joseph thought unkindly as he surveyed the crowd in the busy city street. A hundred or more people and none would be even remotely interesting to him. Averages were everywhere, like cockroaches. Extraordinary men and women were rare- maybe one in ten thousand.

Joseph really liked spending time with extraordinary people. He enjoyed being educated by the intellectually brilliant; the scientists who were experts in their fields of human knowledge. He admired the classical works of gifted artists and musicians; whose works could speak to the very soul. Great leaders inspired him with their ability to engender loyalty; plan, execute and accomplish. Though less appreciated by the world, Joseph also recognised the finer qualities of the emotional intelligent: the softly spoken  wise, the endlessly patient or those who carried tranquility inside them.

Joseph’s father had been extraordinary: a renowned psychologist sought after by the rich and famous. Many, many happy nights Joseph had listened to his knowledgeable father lecture late into the night.

But then his father had left him, never to be seen again. Joseph learned just how rare extraordinary people were.

Which was why when Joseph found them, he kept them.

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