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Editing Progress

editing progress

Here is my editing progress after the first chapter (+ prologue). The red line is the target and the green line is the actual.

I started with 3,500 words and have cut it down to just under 3,000 (15% reduction). I expect to re-write scene 2 of the prologue though so expect that to inflate; but so far so good.

I am trying to be brutal with my editing: deleting anything which does not progress the plot.

“They may offer to bring down the moon; it’s what they can deliver that is the salient point.” (deleted dialogue)

Unity in the Church

I am so grateful that in a time in our country where we’ve got more tension than we’ve had since the 1960s, I can come to a place like Life Church and I’m surrounded by people from varying backgrounds and different races and black worshiping next to white, worshiping next to Hispanic, and Mexican and native American and every other culture that is connected and the only colour that matters is red and it’s the blood of Jesus.

From LifeChurch, Going the Distance (week 1). John Gray



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