The Hunting Grounds

A few nights ago the beautiful Mrs Ezard and I watched an excellent documentary called “The Hunting Grounds” (2015). It is an exposé into how US colleges hide the rampant problem of sexual assaults on campus.

The statistics are staggering: 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted while at a US college.

The universities show a disturbing propensity to close ranks; attempting to silence the victim through threat and intimidation in an effort to protect their school’s fictional reputations. Repeatedly the women say they are more victimised by the response of the college than the actual attack itself.

Call me old fashioned, but anyone who does nothing condones the behaviour. I honestly don’t know how the school boards, faculty etc who care more for the school’s reputation than the victims’ justify it to themselves. Money is not reason enough for a person’s “job” to override their humanity. Shame on them, and all who allow the problem to hide.

In the movie they also speak about the frat-culture and how it is linked to the suppression. Surely, even alumni frat members would rather expel deviants from among them than contribute to hiding them?

Good on the men and women who bravely stand to say that such treatment will not be tolerated; not by the abusers, and not by the colleges.

It’s definitely worth watching, but be warned it will make you angry.


Got thoughts?

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