Editing Progress Update

I must admit that my writing disciplines have slipped recently. I have allowed myself to be diverted by other discretionary distractions. Thankfully, that stopped yesterday and now I am back, focused like a laser.

I am afraid of getting stuck in the an endless loop of revisions on Vengeance Will Come. This fear comes from knowing it is a common mistake for new writers, but I shouldn’t fear it yet; I haven’t even done a revision since feedback from my early readers. It’s time to worry about endless loops IF I’m still early-on revising in 2017. I am eager to both move on with the series and write other stories, so there is more danger of me prematurely “finishing it” than never finishing it.

At the same time I wonder if my current approach is wise/sustainable. Editing should be an iterative process even if I was keen to barely-iterate. I suspect I am trying to do too much at once… I have been changing the early plot, which then has flow-on effects throughout the entire story. This results in me trying to ensure consistency with those changes, keeping the tension balanced and honing my words all at the same time. Instinctively I know this is too much for me to achieve at once. And yet I internally revolt at prolonging the project. (Two passes could be quicker than one though??).

Part of my slow progress has been the need to change the plot emphasis. First I had to come up with the new plot and then adapt all of the dialogue accordingly. My vain attempts at trying to keep the majority of the dialogue really slowed me down. I will remember this experience next time: I can cut it now, or I can spend a week trying to save it, and then cut it. 

Still, my editing worries me. I am not trained for this; what if I am actually making things worse? I am plagued by this question: Am I doing reconstructive surgery to correct defects, cosmetic surgery to improve on appearance or am I simply cutting the bowels out of it?

editing progress2

(Red line=editing goal, green line=actual achieved). You can see how I have added substantially to scenes (CH2Sc1) and deleted scenes (Ch3Sc4).

I am now back on track and hope to see progress speed up.


Got thoughts?

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