What I wish for…

Within some scale of reason, what do you wish for? Something within the realm of possibility, even if unlikely…

If a genie suddenly appeared, after I’d overcome my immense shock, I’d ask to be an author who could live off my writing. I wouldn’t have to be fabulously wealthy; I’d even take a modest reduction in living standards if it meant being able to write for a living. The goal would be to get paid doing what I love, without having to take up residence in an old fridge box.

As I reflect on this desire I realize just how much it is a want and not a need. Just like my young nephew who “NEEDS a piece of cake” I realize how fortunate I truly am. I have no real needs – and really – only very luxurious wants.

I am already safe, I have no imminent fears of death or violence. I am over fed and in excellent health (on a world scale). I have a supportive family and friends. I have a good, safe workplace which provides income in excess of expenses. I can go home to a spacious house and enjoy many modern conveniences…

I don’t have everything I could possibly want, but it wouldn’t really be healthy to do so.

The truth is, I’m already living the dream.

It’s good to have goals and aspirations for the future, but let’s not forget how good we have it.

Got thoughts?

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