The Victims of Autumn

A short writing exercise, and very much different to what I would normally write.

The idea behind the writing exercises is to learn to look at things differently; to see stories where they don’t exist, and employ imagery as a narrative.

leavesThe leaf holds on with the last reserves of its energy, clasping in desperation to the branch. The end is coming; it is a fate whispered by the older and wiser parts of the tree. The tree is hoarding its sustenance to survive the winter; the leaves the innocent victims of necessity.

A stiff breeze blows, pushing the leaf beyond endurance. With an imperceptible snap the umbilical cord of life snaps; its connection to family severed. The leaf flutters down slowly, briefly held aloft by the prevailing wind. Is the breeze allowing it a final farewell as it falls or like a reluctant killer, lowering it gently into the afterlife?

The leaf hits the ground with a soft knock, lying among its fallen brethren. Does it look up in wonder at the tree from a new perspective? Does it hope for rebirth- to change into compost and re-enter the tree?

The next breeze begins again, sweeping the newly fallen leaves along the harsh stone path. To human ears it sounds a rustle, but to the barely conscious leaves it is a grinding down of hope.

Leaves that had once been full of life and purpose are now just empty husks. Separated from the connections of an entire life, swept along and scattered.

Got thoughts?

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