Devious thoughts of an antagonist

(Let me make clear up front that I am not against mining. This is purely a thought bubble, not an eco-rant).

During the second World War the so-called Ghost Army of the United States was deployed. These creative visual, material and sound artists were used to deceive the enemy about troop movements. Entire make-believe bases were constructed to ensure the enemy was looking in the wrong direction at just the right time. The sleight of hand kept the enemy’s attention drawn away from the real plans of the Allies.

It is a story so fantastical few authors would risk such a plot. (Not unlike the complicated deception of the British in hiding the Boeing plant under a giant residential “mat”. Image source). Talk about sweeping that under the rug…

I was thinking about industrial and contentious mining operations, and it made me wonder what they might do , now or in the future, to hide what is really going on. Perception is reality to the masses, after all.

Would they:

  • Add chemicals to change the colour of nearby lakes
  • Paint the ground green to simulate foliage (actually this already happens)
  • Play animal and bird noises through concealed speakers to make an area appear more preserved than it is
  • Have fake trees or camouflage to make things look better from the sky
  • Pay hackers or buy the right to change satellite photos to make them more “PR friendly”
  • Hide logging operations through “fires” which destroy the evidence

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