Author’s Notes

The Latest Confession
I haven’t been doing a whole lot of writing lately; my mental powers of concentration being depleted by work and other commitments. I am serious about writing, but the reality is that it isn’t my highest priority in life. Holding onto sanity during the busy times sometimes necessitates a putting down of the discretionary, and so my keyboard has been less abused than normal.

I absolutely enjoy writing, but is it not the most relaxing activity: with the brain juggling a myriad of things as I write. Sometimes the brain needs down time too. Lately I have needed to shift gears and do something completely different. That is an earth shattering revelation if you know how habitually strong I am.

A lazy thirty minute chat with my wife can be more restorative than a three-hour session of writing. Compound that by a billion if the words aren’t flowing nicely. Yep, had those days.

Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last: editing is hard work. Hours of tedious tinkering for very little forward momentum. (My progress bar is a bit out of date, but still…). It would be easier to edit a story that wasn’t 110,000+ words long. I have a whole new respect for professional editors.

Author’s Notes
To sharpen my editing powers and to give outlet to my creativity I am writing a companion document Author’s Notes for Vengeance Will Come.

In the Author’s Notes for each scene I am writing:

  1. The goal of the scene, and describing how I am achieving that goal through the prose. What words, phrases and sentences particularly work toward that goal.
  2. The edits (or changes) I am making between alpha and beta versions. What am I changing, and why. I am expanding on themes, admitting faults and describing the process which I am using.

Memorable Quote
The other day I heard this and thought immediately I am stealing that… “Like the blessing of taking a drink from a fire hose.” What a wonderful turn of phrase.

3 thoughts on “Author’s Notes

  1. I haven’t been getting too much writing done lately, either. The thing is, it is my top priority but when you’re working four jobs, it’s really tough to include it. Good luck!


    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Well it’s not your top priority (and I don’t mean that negatively). The reality is that we need to earn a living, and we need to be responsible and good employees. Not to mention family and friends are important too.

      If we’re not employed to write then the best we can do is squeeze the most out of our discretionary time. We can get up early or stay up late, but there is only so much discretionary time.


      • Yes, this is true. I guess I should say I’m working towards making it my top priority. Maybe someday I’ll be able to making a living from it.


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