A bit of fun

skit: a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing, especially a parody.

As some variety, and partly to fill a need, I have been having a go at writing some skits lately. The surprising thing is how enjoyable the experience has been.

A skit is essentially a super-condensed short story, which means when writing dialogue it has to be concise. The necessity to compress dialogue has made me more aware of how to use movement, props and facial expressions to broadcast the intended message to the audience.

The very nature of a skit also allows me to indulge my quirky sense of humour in “hamming it up” with over-the-top humour and acting, to get a laugh from the audience and make it memorable and engaging.

Vengeance Will Come update: I’ve just completed editing chapter 5, which is the longest chapter in the whole novel. Unfortunately the structural changes I am making are creating havoc with my pretty graphs. So far I’m at 21% reduction in the overall word count (though I expect that to reduce over time).


Got thoughts?

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