The Importance of Good Sleep

My dad likes to tell people how he once fell asleep three times in a single TV ad break. He says that he can do it because he has “a clear conscience and a pure heart.” It’s funny how every attribute he has is always linked to a positive aspect… I would suspect him of lying, except that he can’t – because having ones eyes close together is “a sign of honesty”, apparently.

I’ve never been a fantastic sleeper. Some people, like my beautiful wife, wake up feeling completely refreshed on a regular basis. If I’m lucky I have that feeling maybe twice a year. Lately, however, I’ve been going through a season of appalling sleep – or rather lack thereof – with about 2-3 hours of good sleep a night. After a few nights of that, you start to get desperate and don’t care if a little extra nap means a ridiculously early rise.

That, and then getting sick, and being busy at work means my writing has been almost non-existent. However the realization of how much we take for granted the restorative nature of sleep has given me an idea for a short story (fantasy) I’m calling ‘When Nightmares Wake’.

Got thoughts?

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