I have a timing issues in my editing process of Vengeance Will Come that is acting as a speed bump to progress. 

The first climax to my story is occurring and the scenes are rapidly alternating between the viewpoint of the protagonist and villain. Acting as a time-keeper for my reader I have semi-regular “Time since attack: x minutes” (more on that in another post). The only problem is figuring out what x should be. 

1. Identify the problem

A. The time lapses must be realistic given what is happening in the scene: there is some running, vehicular transport and a flight to consider. 

B. I want the time gap to be tight to build tension in the reader. If a lot of action is occurring quickly this builds tension; if there are gaps in the timeline it undermines the tension. 

Clearly problem (a) requires some research. I need to answer the following questions:

1. How quickly can a leg wound be splinted under extreme circumstances? For this I will ask a paramedic friend, and then add a few minutes to consider the less-than-ideal circumstances under which it is occurring. 

2. Decide how far must my protagonist must run. It will be through part of the CBD. I believe I might have a factor of that answered later in the story, so I need to locate it. 

2. How quickly can military men run that distance when laden with equipment? For this a little thought should be applied: fit soldiers running on flat roads (terrain). Their mission is urgent, but they are still going to be somewhat alert to potential danger, so slower than a full sprint. 

3. How fast can the armoured personnel carrier go and what distance must it cover?

4. How fast can the ship fly and what distance must it cover?

Working smarter. The timing of scenes isn’t pivotal to continuing editing. A few scenes later the exact timing of these scenes doesn’t matter. The blockage is just in my head. 

Research is something I can do when I have a short period of time free. Writing requires a longer period. Given that, I will fire off an email to my friendly paramedic and put the rest on my todo list and return to editing. 


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Remember that this is your own world that you are creating, so you have leeway to have some of those things happen in the timing you want. Example – would they splint a leg in the same manner as it is done on earth? Your reader has already suspended belief on a number of things (flying ships?), so you have power over the rest of it as well. 🙂 Just my 2 cents.


    • A very valid point. The question is do I want to”spend” the readers generous imagination on this? Certainly solving problems this way too much would look overly convenient. Still a valid point. By splinting the leg in a new way it would add realism in the sense of different/more advanced medical technology.
      Definitely something to ponder…


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