Writing Update

With my ambitious editing goal it’s not leaving much time for other writing, i.e. blog posts.

A darling, cut from Vengeance Will Come:

Humans were top of their evolutionary chain until they discovered that the universe was so much larger than they had originally dreamed. Faced with the knowledge that they were just a small ant in a vast garden of much more formidable creatures, would they, if they could, take back the earliest space travel?

I like the passage, but it was part of a section that was too introspective. My natural writing style (at least early on) was introspective – heavily introspective. Now I am cutting down on that, pushing narration into dialogue or more often off the page entirely.

I’ve edited 24,865 words (23%) and so far cut 12% from the overall length of the story. (Which I think means I’m actually about 7k words behind schedule 😦 )


Got thoughts?

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