Jane Doe

I have a female character in Vengeance Will Come– she’s tough, determined, dangerous and with a bit of luck you’ll never hear of her (by name).

At the moment she has a name, but as a two-bit character I’d like to de-name her. This woman provides the point of view for scenes two and four in chapter eight, before disappearing for good; her name is used ten times in under a 1,000 words. Though her part is small she provides an important viewpoint on the action that no other (main) character can.  I want to anonymise her because most professionals recommend keeping the (named) story cast small.

Originally as I was writing she didn’t have a name; but I found referring to her became awkward. I’m going to have another go at turning her into a Jane Doe: unknown female. I’m not sure if I’ll succeed to my satisfaction. 


Got thoughts?

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