The first thing… hang on (wake, shave, shower, dress, breakfast, quiet time, bus)… The seventh thing I’d like to do today is issue a retraction for last night’s post

In reviewing chapter 2 of The Eye of the World I wrote,

In hindsight, I don’t think these are fantastic examples of describing the character. Jordan spends more time describing their clothing, than the characters. 

Well in hindsight of hinsight I think Jordan’s efforts were better than I appreciated at the time. 

As I stood in the shower at a little past five I remembered once hearing that you should describe three things about a character. Jordan describes both Moiraine’s and Lan’s face, eyes and hair.

In addition to that he shows us more about them through what they wear and how they act. (However I standby my initial comments about it being a lengthy narrative- that is Jordan’s style).

I did say that I wasn’t good at describing characters and I think I just learned something about it. 

I doff my hat to you Mr Jordan.

Got thoughts?

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