Staying Motivated

I’ve had a few late nights recently and my brain insists on early mornings, regardless.

I sat at the computer late yesterday afternoon – a rare occasion where I get time to write on a Sunday. After a while I decided I couldn’t be bothered, my brain was just too tired to be engaged in what I was doing.

Reluctantly I decided I should go for a walk. Reluctant because of guilt (of not writing) and also  the idea of going outside wasn’t enticing. The sun was beating down and there wasn’t a breath of breeze, hardly good walking weather. I started towards the creek before I realized it was ideal snake weather with the grass a yellow-brown camouflage.

Then I started to think about my story Vengeance Will Come. I wasn’t thinking about my current editing position but rather about the whole story, and even more how the story fitted into the planned series.

That thought re-ignited my writing momentum: I want to finish the story so that others can enjoy it. An incomplete story is an adventure that never happened, a wasted opportunity. I want to share my adventures with you.


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