VWC Almost Done

My first fantasy adventure novel Vengeance Will Come is nearly complete. All I have to do is:

  1. Revise the final chapter and a half.
  2. Write a new chapter or two. Initially I finished the draft in a marathon writing session, and I think that caused me to finish things off a little too quickly. An extra chapter or two to draw out the ending will likely provide a more satisfying read.
  3. Check all of my alpha reader comments to make sure I’ve caught everything. This might result in a few changes and includes checking the punctuation.
  4. Draw (or have drawn) a map or two.

Then I’m done with the revision process. Being so close you’d think I’d be inspired. Not so much. In the couple of days I’ve done no writing. I think it’s because I felt intimidated.

The closer I come to finishing the closer I am to not “finishing” and then not being able to fix things.

But now I’m back – writing mojo reinstalled. One day of holidays left and I plan to make it count for my writing.


Got thoughts?

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