Partner Writing

A few months ago I came up with an exciting new concept for a series/collection of stories. The idea was so cool I was near-bursting with excitement. I shelved the idea in order to finish Vengeance Will Come. That goal is drawing near, so I’ve re-applied the heat to the new concept so that it starts to bubble again.

I’m considering taking the framework of the concept and co-writing it with another author. I’ve always wanted to co-write something, just for the experience. I’m sure it will have its own pitfalls, but the bouncing off of ideas, the melding and creation process appears exciting from an outsiders viewpoint. More brains = more potential.

Obviously the first rule of co-writing should be doing it with someone you think you can work together well with. But there is much more involved in the decision than just splitting (any) profits 50/50:

  • How do you negotiate creative differences in style (and perhaps quality)?
  • How do you account for an unbalance in output/effort. How do you even measure input? Story length is unreliable, quality is subjective and, as I’m finding out, writing a story is only half the work.
  • If the partnership dissolves who gets to keep the Intellectual Property? Or does all the work just go in the bin?
  • If it is completed successfully, who decides how much to spend on editing, cover art or marketing?

And that is just the list I thought up in 10 minutes. No doubt there are many more things to consider. But it sounds so fun to do.


Got thoughts?

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