Writing Plan 2017

I’ve been meaning to write a longer post about re-capping 2016 and planning 2017, but I’ve been busy fixing up my punctuation in Vengeance Will Come.

Without much discussion here are my plans for 2017:

writing plan 2017.PNG

  • I want to finish Vengeance Will Come (my first fantasy-action novel) in the first few months of the year.
  • Then I want to revise and get beta readers for The Rebel Queen a shorter (parallel) story to Vengeance Will Come. (If you do a search, you’ll find more posts about that).
  • Also noteworthy I want to start working on book 2 of the series. In addition to that, I’m also thinking I might do a few short stories or have a few side-projects just to vary my writing diet.


4 thoughts on “Writing Plan 2017

    • I’d like to say it’s true, but it would be misleading. I’ll be finishing editing Vengeance Will Come, revising the already written The Rebel Queen and Escape From Hell and *beginning* work on book 2.


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