Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Getting closer to finishing my first fantasy-action novel Vengeance Will Come is terrifying. Okay, maybe terrifying is an exaggeration but there is an amount of dread involved.

Not just the usual and constant creative fears of “what if it’s not good enough?”, but also the complexity added because it’s book 1 in a series. If it were a single novel and I make a mistake there is reputational damage (which in itself is not unimportant). In a single novel however there isn’t much story-damage. Any damage ends with the last page of the book; not so with a series…

I have to admit that I’m learning to plot, which is to say I don’t have a detailed master plan for the series. So releasing the first book is like pouring the foundations to a house, without knowing exactly where the bedrooms are going to be. What if I set in place something that I discover to be a real mistake for the latter books? What if I come up with an awesome idea, but can’t use it because of a throw-away line in an earlier book?

There’s real pressure here. No time to dwell on it though, editing to be done… Just look at the next sentence, Ben.

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