A Change in Plans

Not too long ago I came up with a writing plan for 2017. I did it because I know it’s something that I should do. The only problem was, I put very little thought into it, eager just to tick the box as having been done. There was zero science (or maths) involved beyond just aspirational goals. Which means it’s value was zero too.

It seemed logical to work on revising The Rebel Queen next. After all, I’ve done the first draft already so that’s the next easiest one to complete. I had a long weekend in which to write, but like a naked man crawling over glass it was painful and I didn’t get far. The few hundred words I did manage to write were not worth the frustration and disappointment that the lack of progress caused. Today, however, I read:

You’ve done a lot of work and you need a period of time (how much or how little depends on the individual writer) to rest. Your mind and imagination – two things which are related, but not really the same – have to recycle themselves, at least in regard to this one particular work. My advice is that you take a couple of days off – go fishing, go kayaking, do a jigsaw puzzle – and then go to work on something else. Something shorter, preferably, and something that’s a complete change of direction and pace from your newly finished book. (On Writing by Stephen King)

And now I’ve decided to change plans radically. I am not going to work on The Rebel Queen (at least not immediately). It may be a whole new story, but it does share some characters and overlap with Vengeance Will Come. My brain wants a break from that.

So instead I am moving to a whole new world. I’ve had an idea bubbling away for months now, and I’ve been eagerly waiting to write it. The concept is grand – perhaps more than my skill-level, but I’m going to give it a crack. I see it being a series, probably of novella-length.

Tomorrow night I shall begin planning; tonight I shall take Mr King’s advice and spend the night on the couch relaxing and watching Vikings.

Got thoughts?

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