A Second Date with Twitter

I’m a bit of an non-conformist. And by that I don’t mean I get around hippy-style with hair sticking out of my low-buttoned shirt. No, I’m a non-conformist in that if there is something that everyone else is doing, it makes me want to run from it. I don’t have a Facebook account, have never played Pokemon Go and for a long time I didn’t use Twitter either.

It was only in the interests of building a communication channel with my readers that I signed up @ezard_ben. More importantly than broadcasting my blog posts I genuinely want to engage with others. I tweeted a bit, but more often than not, I forgot to. And besides, I’ve just realised I never added it to my “Contact Me” page.

Of course, it is possible to communicate over WordPress (in ye ol’ comments below) but I totally understand the feeling of login-account overload. (If you don’t want to sign up to anything you can also reach me at my-firstname.my-lastname@internode.on.net).

So I forgot to tweet, and then I just stopped.

I stopped because there seems to me there are more Trolls than humans living in Twitter-Land. Trolls hide behind pseudonyms and multiple accounts and launch disgraceful personal and malicious attacks on individuals. Often over what should amount to a respectful difference of opinion.

But there are humans living in Twitter-Land. Good, decent people who might hold contrary opinions, but are intelligent enough to not resort to bile-filled secretions to express themselves. It is with these humans I hope to converse. So, I’ve decided to have a second date with Twitter. Sure I have some reservations but I’m willing to try again.

Feel free to follow and/or say g’day (if you’re a human … I don’t speak Troll).


Got thoughts?

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