My Version of Logan

Earlier I wrote about how, in contradiction to the masses, I didn’t like the movie Logan because of its ultra-violence and the general sense of depression.

Reader Sabretooth commented on my blog and got me thinking more about Logan. In a flash of inspiration I came up with an alternative plot that was so good, it deserved more than to be buried in the comments section…hence this post.

Now I’ve heard that the plot was based on a storyline called “Old Man Logan”. I’m putting that aside entirely. What if this was the alternative plot was something like this:

Act 1: We see Logan, Professor X and the other mutant-sniffer (sorry whoever you are) trying to rescue other mutants who are being hunted down by a band of humans armed with Stark-like technologies. The good guys fail; the humans manage to capture/kill the mutants (which fits the story line of mutants being ‘eradicated’). The sniffer dies and we see Professor X starting to succumb to neurological issues but convincing Logan of the importance of ‘carrying on their work’: the mutants must be saved.

Act 2: 20 years on, Logan is still searching for mutants to save but they’re pretty much all gone. Professor X is unwell more often than not, and Logan has spent a long time alone. Logan hears about a group of young mutants and goes to save them, but he is put in a bind: the bad guys have them trapped. He can save the young mutants, or a incapacitated Professor X, but not both. At Professor X’s direction, Logan reluctantly saves the kids.

Act 3: Logan and the kids grow to be fond of one another as Logan gets the kids to a safe location. I can’t understate how important it is to sell this to the audience. Logan does it for the kids, he does it for the Professor. Maybe Laura is a lab-created Logan+Jean Gray mix and he has real paternal feelings for her? For whatever reason, the audience needs to be SOLD on the relational bond between kids and mentor.

Act 4: Logan, while away from the kids is captured by the bad guys. (Why he’s away doesn’t matter too much, but I’m sure a good reason could be found. Maybe the bad guys lead him into a trap by pretending the Professor is still alive). Logan is shot with some kind of injection which weakens him temporarily, but not for long. Logan does what an angry, indestructible, Adamantium-infused guy does. Naturally he escapes the bad guys and heads back to the kids. Somehow (I haven’t solved all the problems for you: perhaps on the way out of the facility) Logan realises that he’s been given an injection of nanobots that have bonded to his Adamantium and allow him to be tracked. Bonded to him, they can’t be removed.

Logan, tragically realises that in order to save the kids, he must never see them again. Cue: Huge Jackman’s manly tears here.

This alternative plot line would allow Logan to be sad at the passing of a friend, heroic in saving the kids and ultimately heroic in accepting isolation. He can pass into the horizon and obscurity (effectively dead), without dying. The story of Logan could end more poignantly, and doesn’t require his death.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “My Version of Logan

  1. Good-but I gotta better ending. Logan returns from where the facility used to be after destroying it to the kids. He then takes over x’s role and mentoring the new generation of xmen. Then, a few films later, after saving the world from destruction-the mutants aren’t just excepted-but loved-ending with a speech from Logan warning all threats…..the xmen will ALWAYS be ready!


    • We might have to agree to disagree.

      I based mine off the requirement that Logan must disappear from the franchise. Mine ends on a sad but heroic ending. Logan wants to mentor them, but for their own safety must keep his distance.

      Taking yours, assuming mutants are still a minority, could the human race ever accept people who are both different and potentially dangerous? How many mutants, being so much more powerful, resist the urge to take advantage of their leveraged position?


      • That is why the xmen were formed in the first place. Yes, people can except such individuals-the same individuals who risked everything to save them. You’re taking into account the human’s sinful condition into account-we all face temptation- some ( like humans) will try-some won’t. in fact you just provided another reason that makes the ending I provided even better better….hope.


  2. It would’ve stayed true to the fundamental ideals behind the xmen. This film has no connection to the franchise-other then the characters-the whole point of the story behind the xmen was thrown out the window for a glorified gore-fest


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