Talk me Off the Ledge

Other than writing my other hobby is Java programming. I’ve dabbled a bit in the last year or so but have, for the sake of my writing, managed to suppress the desire to do it almost entirely.

Writing is very time intensive. Programming is very time intensive. Doing one means cannibalizing the other.

And yet part of me really wants to develop a writing program. It would be customised to exactly how I want it, with the features I want (hypothetically). In full disclosure, I’ve started this project multiple times, and generally abandoned it due to how slow progress is.

I apologise for the poor-res pictures, but the originals aren’t close at hand.


On the other hand, developing it would take hundreds of hours, and realistically, it would probably only ever be a B-grade application. I’m a competent programmer, but my knowledge if a blade, is a bit rusty.

Lately though, I’ve been getting distracted from writing by other things – so would a distraction like this be a bad thing? Probably…


Got thoughts?

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