No, not me. But the surprise and wonder was awesome for that split second, wasn’t it? (I haven’t heard anything yet…).

thom-sullivan-poet-poetry-copy2Instead I write about Thom Sullivan (who blogs here). Thom has won the 2017 Noel Rowe Poetry Award, winning publication of his own poetry book in 2018 (Vagabond Press). A hearty congratulations, Thom!

I had the pleasure and benefit of having Thom do some editing work on my first novel, Vengeance Will Come. I am deeply thankful for the time that he invested. It was also immense fun as he challenged me, sharpening the inference of words and de-cluttering sentences. He was painstakingly wonderful in analysing word choice and placement; a skill, he possesses in abundance.

For me, the skills of a poet (especially the winner) are best summarised by this excerpt from the Award’s Judges’ Report:

…the language was sharp, the images immediate and vivid, with a certain rhythmic alertness, and where the sense of human experience and its significance was heightened. … [used] good illustration, with their deft economy, of how less can be more…

Though they are talking about poetry, the same is true with all writing.

Aside from being a great poet Thom is also incredibly humble. (So I apologise for this post, and what I’m about to say…). He is easily among the top 10 nicest people I have ever met. He is as softly spoken as a grief counsellor, with the sharp intellect of a neurosurgeon. And he can nail poetry too. (Is that the right word, Thom? 🙂 )

Today I have a highly anticipated coffee catchup with my Dad. We are visiting a bakery, which seems ideal on numerous levels.

Around that, for the rest of the day I plan to be writing. Time to regain some traction with revising The Rebel Queen.

One thought on “Publication!

  1. Ben, you’re a sensation! Thanks so much for your words here, and for your encouragement and support of my writing – and so much good conversation over lunchtime tea/coffee and (inevitably!?) muffins… I’m looking forward to VWC finding its home in the world as well!

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