Omnibus Update


I’ve just released v0.3.0 of MyWorkTracker which includes import and export functionality and a host of small usability and interface tweaks. I’ve also completely re-written the user guide. You can download and read about it, starting here.

The Crossing


The Crossing by Michael Connelly. This is the second Harry Bosch book that I’ve read. (In the timeline it actually comes before The Wrong Side of Goodbye which I have previously read).

It was an enjoyable read. Harry Bosch, ex-LAPD, crosses the line by working for his defence lawyer brother-in-law. Though initially sceptical of the client’s innocence Bosch is determined to find out the truth, wherever it may lead. It ends up to be a much larger crime than just a rape and brutal murder.

One aspect of Connelly’s writing that I admire is his three dimensional characters that live in the real world. Although the case consumes a lot of Bosch’s focus, it doesn’t force out other things that are important to him. He still thinks about his daughter and his other relationships. There is always more going on in Bosch’s life than just the main plot of the story line. Connelly beautifully balances those other interests’ making them both non-trivial and non-distracting.

Bosch also lives in the our world: he takes a ride in a Tesla driven by an Uber driver. Small touches like that make the novel feel more grounded, more plausible.

Changing speeds and to a completely different book, Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill.

Though written forty years ago and so is in older language, Ravenhill takes no prisoners as he lays out the depth of calling, and the failings of the church.

With fire he calls the faithful back to intimacy with God passion for the lost.

Relating to 1 Cor 4:13 he wrote:

Any man who has so assessed himself “filth of the earth” has no ambitions – and so has nothing to be jealous about. He has no reputation – and so has nothing to fight about. He has no possessions – and therefore nothing to worry about. He has no “rights” – so therefore he cannot suffer any wrongs. Blessed state! He is already dead – so no one can kill him. In such a state of mind and spirit, can we wonder that the apostles “turned the world upside down”?

Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill


I haven’t done much writing lately. All of my spare time has been going into coding.

The other day I began to read my own book, Vengeance Will Come. With fresh eyes I spotted a lot of things which I’d now do differently. Whether it is because my style has evolved or just distance from the project I can’t say. I suspect both, and I can do better. Consequently I have removed it for sale. I’m not sure what this means for it’s future. I could re-publish it for sale on Amazon, or release it on another platform. Or just continue writing the series for fun. Many options, and no decision has been made yet.

I am, however, going to start re-working on my faith-based novelette, Escape from Hell. It was nearly complete and it’s time I bring it to completion.

And finally, for your listening pleasure, a song that has been on hard-repeat for the last few hours:

Rend Collective – “Rescuer (Good News)”

May you have a great weekend.

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