Time Out

I didn’t post this weekend due to a blog-and-writing related malaise. I’m not sure how many people read what I write… and so then the question is, are the hours I put into the posts wasted? Would I not be better off investing those hours elsewhere? Am I simply adding my voice to the cacophony of noise, and yet benefiting no one?

The same is true of my writing. A novel probably takes me thousands of hours, which is no small investment.

If you’re a Christian and looking for something worthwhile to watch, I’d recommend you YouTube “Paul Washer shocking message”. It’s a sermon that is very controversial, and highly challenging.

Undoubtedly it has contributed to my current mood. It has caused me to ask hard questions of myself. Consequently, I’ve decided that it’s time I again unplug from my normal leisure hobbies (for a time), and focus on God and my own spiritual growth. I’ll start with at least a week. It’s not easy to pullback from my normal leisure activities, but in the past it has been highly worthwhile. I need a rejuvenation and a new balance.

Got thoughts?

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