Below is a list of novelettes that I have written.

Escape from Hell

  • Status: Currently undergoing review.
  • Genre: Faith-based.
    Not wishing to ambush anyone, a disclaimer: This is a faith-inspired fictional story about the afterlife. Even if you do not ascribe to the premise hopefully you can still enjoy the creative expression like any other piece of fiction.
  • Length: 9,000 words

One man’s journey into the afterlife.

The Rebel Queen

  • Status: Currently writing
  • Genre: Science fiction

There are rumours of a rebel faction hiding somewhere within the Deckarian colony. Such a presence threatens the unity of the colony and the Queen’s own ruling interest. The rebels must be swiftly crushed to remove all thoughts of a new Queen…

The rebel is young, inexperienced and has radical and controversial plans for the colony. She wants minimal bloodshed in the transition, but will her idealism prove fatal?

An unexpected human provocation will be the catalyst that puts the opposing forces onto a collision course. They will both learn that victory isn’t always what you expect.

Got thoughts?

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