Short Stories

I tend to prefer writing longer pieces of prose, but here are some short stories I have written.

  • The Captive – I can’t write much about this, because it would be a spoiler. (approx 1,500 words)
  • Alone – (Read The Captive first). Alone looks at the same situation, from the perspective of the other character, but remains true to the dialogue and events described in The Captive. (approx 1,500 words)
  • When Nightmares Wake – A full-strength fantasy story. Great Lord Tarius is set to strike the final blow to the failing Alliance. Who will prevail? (approx 4,000 words). [related author notes]
  • Dreamer – Steve Wilder has always hard weird dreams, but he’s about to have one that will change his life (approx 3,000 words).

Got thoughts?

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