Strange Behaviour

Firstly let me say that I don’t have any authors that I follow really closely.  There are certainly many authors whose works I enjoy and want to read more of, but I’ve never been one to write novel release dates on a calendar and run out and get them when the day comes. Sorry, but its non-discriminatory: I don’t really have fixations on anyone: writer’s, musicians, other celebrities…

Which only makes some of my other behaviour seem all the more stranger.

I’m not sure why but when I enjoy a book I tend to google the author. My primary reason for doing so is to read up on the author and in far second place see what other books they have written. The more I think about that the weirder the behaviour sounds.

I think it’s because I have just spent dozens of hours propelled along by their imagination and like meeting someone at a party whose company you really enjoy, you feel as though it would be good to get to know them more.

Or perhaps I am just curious what mix of experience has led to them being able to construct such a story, and so go looking for their author bio for clues.

Is my behavior strange or do you do it, or something similar, too?