Happy Father’s Day

(I’m aware I’m a daily early; tomorrow will be busy).

I am not a father, but I do have one. For my entire life – to this day (and undoubtedly beyond) my father has been a blessing to me. Though not perfect, my father has been a positive role model in my life. He has taught me a strong work ethic and the importance of responsibility and integrity. He has been an example that I’d want to emulate and has done everything within his power to set me up for success.

My wife also has a father, and without a doubt her father is in-part responsible for the life that she’s led, and the amazing woman that she has become. I have also been accepted into her family. So, I am doubly-thankful to my “second dad”.

It doesn’t take much (for most people) to have a child, but it certainly takes an enormous and constant decision of the will, to be a good parent.

Dedicated fathering should always be celebrated and honoured.