It’s been a bit of a rough week. Our impeccably cared for car had a major fault that was going to be cost prohibitive to repair. And of course it’s out of warranty by 17 months. Call me idealistic but I expect a longer lifspan from a new car. I felt taken advantage of. 

As soon as I heard the car company wasn’t going to cover the fault (which relates to a recall issue on other batches) I was furious. And when I use the word furious I am employing no exaggeration whatsoever.

I couldn’t go to sleep, I was angry. I woke up before dawn, angry. Angry, angry, angry. I was seething with anger. 
I wrote this in my journal,

I’m really angry right now about the car. 

I’d forgotten I had this level of anger in me. 

But now I need to lay it aside for my time with God. 

I’m not exaggerating, about 30 seconds from making that decision I added

In the grand scheme of things the car doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. It won’t last path death. But what will is the church and the souls in Hell. They are what matters. 

I had instant and complete peace. It’s so true. When we measure our problems on the scale of eternity they suddenly become less. 

The upside is, I’ve been inspired to write a short story I’m calling Out of Warranty.

Have a great day and keep things in the proper perspective. 


Improving ‘Escape from Hell’

My favourite piece of writing that I have done so far is my faith-based novelette Escape from Hell.

Whether you attribute it to God (as I do) or the muses, I was definitely under the weight of inspiration when I was writing it. The creative juices were flowing and I had a sense that it was coming together perfectly.

I’ve decided that I am going to re-release the novelette as a free PDF (with a few bonus additions) and hopefully some great cover art. My purpose for doing this is simple: I think it’s a great story that I want as many people to read it as possible. Providing it as a PDF makes it easier to share. (URLs are easy, but they’re also easier to lose than files, in my experience).

So now I’m asking, dear and generous reader, if you would help contribute to this goal. I’d really appreciate some:

  • Constructive criticism to help me hone it even further
  • Little testimonials about your impression of the story
  • For the artistically inclined, any related art which I could use as cover and/or illustrations in the PDF.

If you’re going to help here is a handy Microsoft Word format so you can make changes/comments with Track Changes on (please).

I don’t intend on this being a long-term project, so I’ll stop accepting submissions after Friday October 23rd. That will give me a week to put the finishing touches on, and release the PDF by Saturday October 31.

After release you could then help me by:

  • Sending it to anyone who likes to read
  • Reviewing it on your blog

(Contribution disclaimer: I’m giving the story away for free, and so will not be making any money off of it now or in the future. I’m asking for these contributions to be generously donated; I’m not paying for them. By contributing you’re giving me the right to include it in the PDF, or display it on but you retain all other rights etc. Please only submit content to which you are the owner of).

Many thanks!

Novelette: Escape from Hell

I was dead and I knew it.

The realisation was profoundly shocking and it was some time before I could process anything beyond that bare fact.

I was dead. I had always assumed I would live into my 70’s or 80’s. I saw myself dying from a heart attack while gardening or best-case scenario drifting off to sleep and never waking up. I had never imagined that death from a long-term ailment or tragic circumstances. I would live, I would grow old and then one day I would die. I accepted that death was inevitable, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon; today.

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