In the short story The Captive (recommended to be read first) I wrote from Mary’s perspective, except for the final three paragraphs where Frank gets a point of view. In order to challenge myself, I thought I would write a parallel short story from Frank’s perspective.

The challenge is that all of the dialog and actions that Frank did in Mary’s perspective, and the final paragraphs must remain exactly the same. (I have only just decided to do this; I haven’t purposely crafted in any plot-hooks into the original story).

Can I lock myself into these restrictions, and still make the story interesting?

Another creaking-noise from the main bedroom interrupted Frank’s shallow sleep, but this time it was a more distinctive sound. Frank had slept alone in the guest bedroom for years avoiding the difficulty of Mary waking on a ‘bad’ day beside a stranger. He heard the wardrobe door open. No more time for rest he told himself even though he was bone-tired. He dressed in haste: Mary might need me.

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