An Inspiring Gift

Want to give Someone you Love a Card, and a Stranger, Hope, at the same time?

I’m pleased to join in the announcement the Australian social enterprise, Noteworthy Cards, has officially launched.

The idea behind Noteworthy Cards is simple: buy cards from them and 100% of the profits are donated as life-changing gifts for those in poverty.


“Our mission is to inspire people to love generously through words of encouragement while funding life-changing gifts for people suffering in poverty.” Noteworthy Cards

Knowing the founders of the company, I can attest to their genuine desire to provide the poor with a much needed and life-building hand-up. Just as important is their intention in helping others to express love and gratitude through the giving of cards.

Starting a company to 100% benefit others is an incredible commitment of time, and I commend them for all the hard work.

Are you a ‘creative’? Good with words or drawing, and happy to give donate some of your work? If so, I know they would love to hear from you. I’ve made a submission or two and plan to make more in the future.

Until Friday 13 April there is a launch special of free shipping. Coupon details on the website. (Delivery is only within Australia at this time).

Read more about how Noteworthy Cards came about…

Who do you care know, who could use or deserves to know that someone is thinking of them?

(p.s. later today or tomorrow I hope to be releasing my latest short story, Dreamer).