It’s About Being Different

This post is for my Christian readers…

One of the reasons I love to read Keith Green’s No Compromise is that it is incredibly challenging. Keith never shied away from admitting his own failings and he wouldn’t allow other people to hide behind theirs either.

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No Compromise

I’ve been re-reading Keith Green’s No Compromise and am increasingly enjoying it, like time spent with an old friend.  If you haven’t heard of Keith Green he was an extremely talented performer, singer, song writer and musician who died young in an airplane crash.

No Compromise

In No Compromise his wife, Melody Green, tells the story of their lives  taking excerpts from his song lyrics and Keith’s numerous journals.

Even just reading it is enough to make me drawn to Keith because of his intensity and his energy. As  Melody tells it Keith was full-on about everything he did, and whatever he was into he wanted to convince everyone to join him. In these modern days of polished celebrities and political correctness (gone mad) it’s refreshing to read of someone who deeply considered issues and then lived out his convictions, counter-cultural or not.

Melody shares their spiritual journey which was a long and winding trip (drug reference intentional). She documents the searching, the dead ends and the intermittent personal failures. I respect the honesty of the search; Keith’s personal integrity wouldn’t accept canned-answers, hypocrisy or half-heartedness. In his diary he honestly relates the struggles and doubts, and Melody shares her own feelings – which were sometimes at odds with Keith’s.

Knowing the kind of man that Keith becomes, it is good to read that like the apostle Paul it was an unusual journey. The qualities in Keith of a pursuit of God are inspiring. I’m only part way through and I know there is more challenge to come…

We’d spent so many years wading through spiritual counterfeits and wandering down the wrong paths that we were a bit wary of swallowing everything we heard. Just because somebody says something is Christian doesn’t mean it really is. We wanted pure, undiluted Christianity – not a slightly modified version.

No Compromise has been a pivotal book in shaping my faith. If you haven’t read it recently I highly recommend it.