Recommended Read: Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

Recently I downloaded True Crime by Lee Gutkind as a free-bee on GooglePlay. The book is a compilation of true stories from the different perspectives of perpetrators, victims, bystanders and affiliated individuals.

One of these stories which is worthy of special mention is Gabrielle Gifford’s Shooting: A Fatal Chain of Events Unfolds by Shaun McKinnon. After a quick google it looks like you can also read it online. It is well worth investing the 15 minutes or so it will take to read.

It is an emotional story told from the perspectives of many people caught in the maelstrom of violence. It tugs at the heart-strings as the reader is confronted by many aspects of humanity. I was reminded of humanity’s frailty; we should not take today or tomorrow for granted. Though gripped by a sense of sadness and loss, it is also heart-warming to see the strength of humanity as people cared for strangers or protected loved ones. Though the incident was terrible, it was a miracle more weren’t killed.

An excellent, emotive and informative piece of writing.

Disclosure: Shaun McKinnon did not pay me for my kind words, but he is welcome to.

What did you think of it?